Green Cove Springs’ Cove Effect

July 17, 2019 | All Posts, Nature

The Green Cove Springs’ Cove Effect phenomena is well documented on radar. This  explains what we know. It consistently rains west, north and south of town and is “as dry as a bone” in Green Cove Springs. I often laugh about the fact that in Florida it can be raining on one side of the street and not on the other. In our experience this phenomena affects the whole town of Green Cove Springs!

Radar shows the Green Cove Springs’ Cove Effect

On radar, as storms approach our fair city, the pattern will predictably divide before it reaches Green Cove.
Radar image of Green Cove Springs' cove effect
Storm clouds divide on the outskirts of town
Locals call it the Green Cove Springs’ Cove Effect or Split.

Cove Effect

In my last blog, when I was talking about the storms that often seem to go around Green Cove Springs, I mentioned the Green Cove Springs Cove Effect.

Green Cove Springs Split

Some call this weather pattern the Green Cove Springs Split. The storm clouds seem to divide when they arrive on the outskirts of town.
Radar image of Green Cove Springs' cove effect
Storm clouds split

Logical Reason?

Cracker Gothic discusses Green Cove Springs' cove effect
Book talks about the weather phenomena
Although there is probably a sound meteorological reason for this, my friend and author, Wanda Duncan, explains the phenomenon, not so logically, in her recently published book, Cracker Gothic.

Latitude 30

In her book, the unexplained weather phenomenon is due to the fact that the 30 degree latitude line cuts right through Green Cove Springs. Until I read her book, little did I know how much my town on Latitude 30 has in common with the Chinese idea of “Feng Shui” and famous places on the 30th Latitude.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese system that studies the relationship of people to their environment, especially their home or work space, in order to achieve maximum harmony with the spiritual forces believed to influence all places. In her book, my friend goes on to explain that knowledgeable Chinese know about the mysterious forces related to the latitude 30 line. These forces may influence natural occurrences as well as man made things.  

Simple Explanation

A mutual friend and avid weather observer, Kathy, explains the parting of the storm lines in a simpler way.  She says “it lifts its skirts and jumps across the river”.  

Stay Gothic

All I can tell you is to go on Amazon and get the book; “Cracker Gothic” by Wanda Suttle Duncan.  I found it a quick read that I read again and again. When you are finished you will want to “Stay Gothic” and book a room at River Park Inn to get a feel for the unusual little town that she writes about.