Guided Kayaking Tour with the Naturalist in the Moonlight on the St. John’s River

September 5, 2018 | All Posts, St. John’s River

BY: PATRICIA SICKLES Kayaking on the St. Johns River can be an exciting way to experience nature at its best. Like many I have not spent much time in a kayak so taking on the challenge seems a bit daunting without some encouragement and help. When a recent guest at the Inn slipped across the river to enjoy a unique kayaking adventure hosted by the St. John’s County Parks and Recreation Department it peaked my interest. From August 23 -26th The Parks Department offered moonlight guided tours of Trout Creek, and they would even include a kayak rental for a small fee. What a great easy way to enjoy nature with a guide at the coolest part of the day!! Read our recent guest experience below: Our Kayak adventure (August 26) on Trout Creek billed as a sunset, moonrise and a full moon kayak tour. It was beautiful! The night creatures made wonderful sounds, the water was calm, the kayaks smooth and quiet, the night sky bright from the full moon. Wow! Best three hours I have spent in a kayak. Our stay at the River Park Inn was wonderful. It was clean, comfortable, convenient to local restaurants, the River Park with the natural spring pools, the fishing pier from which both a fabulous sunrise and visible full moon occurred. Wow! Truly an idyllic place to live, thrive and enjoy. Thanks for your warm hospitality and the superbly furnished and maintained (especially the natural plant garden surrounding the house) River Park Inn. We’ll be back soon. Thanks. Ed This was the BEST kayak trip I have ever been on! Thanks so much to our amazing guide, AyoLane, and to Gary Whiting who took these incredible photos. Sitting quietly in a kayak at the edge of the St. John’s River watching the sunset changing colors by the second. A frog chorus ripples thru the waters edge for one minute at the precise moment of sunset. Then the barred owls called for a few minutes. As it turned dark, look back to the east to see the GIANT full red/orange moon rise and extend its red reflection across the water directly to your kayak. Paddle home in the dark with the light of headlamps only. Oh, boy! Thanks! Karen While I was not able to make it this time our guests fully enjoyed the experience. I am sure the Parks Department will be doing this again when the moon is full and the weather is calm. you can find more information about this and other events at or see a listing of upcoming Naturalist Events hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department.