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July 8, 2017 | All Posts, Technology

For years I wanted to have a light on the sign out front but it was isolated and difficult to accomplish. Without a huge investment or any wiring, I now have achieved the ultimate. There is a small solar panel connected to two adjustable LED lamps, one for each side of the sign. The lights are still glowing at dawn and this little set up is going well now into its third year. Solar LED outdoor lights are just one of the many incredible innovations that have entered my life in these 20 years of innkeeping.

When I started the inn in 1997 we still had land lines and I had a phone system installed so there was a phone in each guest room. Sadly mice chewed the wires under the house one winter but happily that was about the same time that people were showing up with cell phones and had no need for phones in their rooms.

One of the little things that I used to do when guests were ready to leave was take a Polorid picture of them down by the sign. One of those ‘We were here” pictures. I would send them off with it and often they would return a few years later and tell me they still had that picture on their refrigerator. Sadly again… Kodak stopped making the film. I bought up all the film I could find online and happily by the time it was used up people were showing up with smart phones. So I still send them off with a “were were here” picture now… just on a different device.

I resist change probably as much or more than most but the more I think about the changes that have affected this one little innkeeper here the more I appreciate the creative minds and technology that make it possible.

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