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Popular Transportation in Green Cove Springs

August 18, 2019 | All Posts, Technology, Travel

A Favorite Guest

Guests arrive on boats, in cars and often on motorcycles. And speaking of motorcycles, one of our favorite guests is here this evening from South Florida on his BMW. It is a real beauty! He tells me he likes it here for the safety and easy driveway parking. Although Dale had a motorcycle when we were first married, it was never really my thing. But I began to wonder just how they came to be. It turns out that both of the early motorcycle inventors were pioneers in the development of automobiles.

Early Editions

In 1867 an American, Sylvester Roper invented the earliest motorcycle. It was a steam-driven vehicle powered by coal. Did you notice the “comfortable” seat on that beauty?

In 1885, probably about the same time that our building was constructed, the first gas-powered motorcycle was invented by Gottlieb Daimler, a German. It had a four stroke internal combustion engine on a wooden bicycle.

A Wonderful Excursion

And so by 1900, the motorcycle had become a useful and reliable means of transportation. Over the years it has remained so due to its low maintenance cost, gasoline economy and, as our current guest will attest, the fun of riding. As a return guest, he has just gotten back from a wonderful excursion in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Now he has come back through to North Florida to check on a motorcycle seat.

A Better Seat

With no disrespect to Mr. Roper, he is in the market for a new seat for his BMW so he wants to see, first hand, the seats available at Sargent Cycle, a unique company in nearby Jacksonville, that specializes in motor cycle seats. They will reupholster, recondition, custom style or alter to enhance your motorcycle riding experience to be the best that it can possibly be; something that Mr. Daimler was probably not concerned about!

A Destination to your Destination

So whether you are on the river in your boat, on the road in your car, or touring on your bike, make historic River Park Inn a destination on your way to your destination.

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