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Texting Technology Prompted a Return to River Park Inn

July 17, 2019 | All Posts, Technology

Personal Attention

We personally tend to every detail while you are staying at River Park Inn.

Even after you leave, that attention continues as it did this weekend when timely texting technology prompted a return.

Weekend Finds

This weekend, like so many others, we found items left behind by our guests.

Usually we find recharge cords in the outlets

Once in awhile there are other things…

Like beer which, sadly, Dale is not fond of returning!

What I Found Today

This morning our last guest checked out and, as it was Sunday, I went to church.

When I got back around noon and began to put things in order, I found something even better than beer!

There on the floor under the dresser chair was a brand new pair of men’s shoes.

Quick Turnaround

Immediately I texted the guest and within 15 minutes he was gratefully back for his shoes.

He said he was just turning to head out of town when the text notification popped up.

That would probably not have happened without today’s technology.

It surely would not have happened had the shoes been left in a mega hotel.

An Innkeeper’s Rewards

As owner/working innkeeper, having a small place like River Park Inn has its rewards.

Not only do we have the pleasure of getting to know the folks who stay here but we also know who left what and how to reach them before they even leave town.

Today’s Technology

Probably like many of you, we have a love/hate relationship today’s technology.

Dale, bless his heart, still insists on carrying a “Flip Phone”.

I long for the simpler times and hate the ever present connectivity.

It can really be a blessing though. Like today, for instance, when my timely texting technology prompted a return trip for items left behind.

In another era, if he had an answering machine, I would have probably left a voice mail and sometime tonight he would have called me back to mail his shoes.

I would mail them tomorrow and he would have enjoyed wearing his sneakers to work for most of next week.

A Place That is Right for You

So if you are seeking a memorable experience in a small, historic property and tend to leave things behind, then River Park Inn might be just right for you.

We are recognized as The Dr. Applegate House, a Florida Heritage Site, and we are included in the historic district of Green Cove Springs. Florida on the National Register.

Every Guest is Special

Every guest is special to us and we will personally tend to every detail during their stay and sometimes, with the help of technology, even after they leave.

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