What’s New at River Park Inn

June 4, 2018 | All Posts, This Old House


In 1997 when the inn was opened we had three bathrooms to serve 5 guestrooms.

In short order we learned that American guests expect to have a private bathroom inside their rooms… not a bathroom at the end of the hall, even if they are the only ones on the hall….

and the end of the hall is right outside their room.  

So within the first year the number of bathrooms more than doubled to provide each guest room a private in suite bathroom. Needless to say, the early bathrooms were functional but not gorgeous.  The showers were “kits” from the local home improvement store made of thin vinyl walls and fiberglass pans.  

The walls were thin framed glass anchored to the wall.

bathroom with shower

Well, as you may know, we celebrated two decades of innkeeping last year so by some miracle these showers have weathered pretty well.  They did need upgraded though and we decided to tackle the project this spring.

The challenges were many and one thing led to another which is often the case with old buildings and renovations so each bathroom has taken considerably longer than expected to complete.

We explored custom made glass enclosures but settled on Dreamline ready made units that are really amazing. The thick frameless glass and sturdy vinyl shower pans are really impressive. 

More impressive is the tile work and installation that son, Jimmy, has done for us.  

If you have been here before as a guest you will want to come back to check out the new upgrades for yourself. They are just beautiful with marble tile walls, seamless glass enclosures and waterfall shower heads. If you have never been our guest you will really enjoy how nice the bathrooms are.

bathroom with shower