Why You Should Visit Green Cove Springs In Fall

August 25, 2017 | All Posts, Nature

Many people head north to enjoy the Fall Foliage but Green Cove Springs IS in NORTH Florida so we too have seasons and enjoy the vivid autumn palette of reds, oranges, golds, and browns .  

Remember though that the colors will arrive later here than farther north …not until November so, if you miss your trip to the Blue Ridge for the colors, it will not be too late.  And remember, as in other places, some years are better than others when it comes to fall foliage. If the weather is cooler and dryer there will be a far more brilliant fall color show.

After the long hot summer it is a welcome relief and, best of all, those cooler days and nights will not give way to frigid temperatures later in the season. No, those mild days and cool nights will last well into winter and then, worst case, the temperature may drop into the mid twenties for a night or two.

The last two winters have not seen much below thirty though. No plants in my landscape have suffered frostbite and they have continued to grow and bloom all winter. Farther inland from the St. Johns River there has been some frost damage but it seems that right here, we benefit from some warm breezes coming off the the river water. 

But old timers may tell you different. There were two long hard freezes in the late 1800’s that almost completely wiped out the citrus industry in North Florida.  Even I can remember the Christmas in 1985 or 86 when it was snowed in Jacksonville! There was not enough for a snow man but the white accumulation on the ground made us all think we were back in Virginia.

So even if we have not had the really cold temperatures here lately, there is ample opportunity to enjoy the colors of Autumn here along the highways, hiking in the preserve or walking in Spring Park across the street from River Park Inn along the St. Johns River.

Please consider using River Park Inn as your home base as you explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Green Cove Springs in Clay County Florida this Autumn. Our location is convenient to Jacksonville and the Oldest City, St. Augustine.

So whether you are a Jaguar Fan or a history buff or just want some peace and quiet in small town America you will find what you seek in a blaze of Autumn color.